Because the world needs

successful women entrepreneurs.

All entrepreneurs have the same problems with growth, women entrepreneurs have a few extra.

In AWE program, we help women entrepreneurs map and address them.

Confidence, know-how and networking are essential for success and growth. In the AWE program, using the CEED method, the DreamBuilder online platform and the CEED community, we will provide the know-how and networking, while self confidence will grow with success and in contact with like-minded people.


What do you get in the AWE program?

Knowledge through the experiences of successful entrepreneurs

CEED method

A group of selected women entrepreneurs will exchange knowledge and experience with experienced entrepreneurs, because we believe that every entrepreneurial problem has already been solved by someone. You just have to get to know him.

Fundamental business knowledge


Through the DreamBuilder online platform, you will expand and supplement your fundamental entrepreneurial know-how, which will be the basis for further growth. DreamBuilder is used by more than 5,000 women entrepreneurs in 50+ countries.

Support of like-minded co-participants

AWE Community

In the AWE community, women entrepreneurs feel they are not alone. Experience has shown that such a community comes to life during the project, and develops further, as members remain connected, encouraged, advised and helped even after the end of the program.

Women entrepreneurs enter the CEED business community with more than 1,000 members, where they gain even more knowledge and experience from others through CEED meetings.

Series of Confidence

AWE program

Confidence comes with success, personal growth and business growth. That is why it is important to set the right business goals and be part of a supportive environment. Both are the essence of the AWE program.

You give, you get

Program Council and mentors

We will be accompanied by experienced women entrepreneurs and role models who have already done many entrepreneurial kilometers. They will be with us in the Program Council and at mentoring meetings.

It's AWEsome.

AWE aims to support women entrepreneurs and encourage them to grow through content support and local collaboration.

Is the AWE program for you?

  • You have a company - you are the founder or the CEO,

  • you have the ambition to grow the company, and

  • you work independently or you have a team of up to 5?

then the answer is YES.

Program Board

Experienced women entrepreneurs and managers. Experts. Mentors. Meet the AWE Program Board:


Whether remote or live, the AWE program does not stop.

The program will start in September 2022.

By participating in AWE, you also become part of the CEED community of like-minded women entrepreneurs WE Inspire (Women Entrepreneurs Inspire) since 2016. The community was formed with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana.